Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent at Volkis Stimme

If you follow this blog you know I listen every week to the German Podcast Volkis Stimme. Host Volker Klärchen makes his satire of the weekly news every Saturday night - Sunday morning for me - in a mock news show carrying the slogan Volkis Stimme; da weiß man, was man hört. (feed)

Yet, since the middle of November Klärchen has abandoned the news show format. It started with a splendid interview with Bodo Wartke which was bereft of the regular satire. Then there was a short audio-drama in which Volker allegedly bumps into his post delivery woman. He nicks 24 letters to Father Christmas from her bag and this is what set the format for daily shows that started yesterday.

Every day, up until Christmas, Volkis Stimme will read one of these 24 letters to Father Christmas. Yesterday it was Guido Westerwelle asking the saint for not being laughed at for his haphazard attempts at speaking English. Today it is a plea for company by a lonesome SPD. Evidently, Volkis Stimme continues to be a satire show about German news, but until Christmas in this advent mode. I am wondering whether this is promising more variety in the show for 2010.

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