Sunday, May 15, 2011

Listening ideas for 15 May 2011

New Books In History
Ricardo Duchesne, “The Uniqueness of Western Civilization”
One of the standard assumptions of modern Western social science (history included) is that material conditions drive historical development. All of the “Great Transitions” in world history–the origins of agriculture, the birth of cities, the rise of high culture, the industrial revolution–can, so most Western social scientists claim, be associated with some condition that compelled otherwise conservative humans to act in new ways. This premise is of course most closely linked to Marx, but it is found throughout post-Marxist big picture scholarship (including my own humble contribution to that literature). Ricardo Duchesne argues in his new The Uniqueness of Western Civilization (Brill, 2011) that we have it all wrong.
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The Easter Rising
In 1916 Irish nationalists tried to start a rebellion against British rule. Next week Queen Elizabeth will visit a memorial to those who died in the failed uprising.
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Veertien Achttien
Miklos Horthy en de netten van staal
In de oorlog poogt Miklos Horthy als admiraal voor Oostenrijk-Hongarije uit de Adriatische Zee te breken. Erna moet hij als regent van Hongarije de schande van Trianon uitwissen.
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