Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back on track with Podcast Reviews

Within 12 hours:
- The End of Hegemony: The Open Source podcast speaks with Parag Khanna and Eric Hobsbawm about failing US, upcoming China and whether Europe plays or not.

Within 36 hours:
- History 5 about absolute rule and absolute knowledge
- The Word Nerds's double issue about Rhetorics

In the coming days
- Irvin Yalom (on KQED and Wise Counsel)
- Susan Yacoby (The Age of American Unreason)
- Shrink Rap Radio (Mindmentor and others)
- Simek interviews Jaap van der Zwan
- Something about the Roman Empire

In New podcasts on trial we have March as a history podcast month with a wide range of candidates:
American History before 1870
Hank's History Hour
History of Rome
History 106B
Podcasts on Medieval Texts
Redborne History Podcast
Teaching American History Podcast
History 2311

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