Thursday, February 28, 2008

Podcast reviews still delayed

Dear readers,

I am still recovering with my ears. I can do a little listening over the speakers on my PC, but not much progress is made. Hence, I can't promise how much and when there will be more reviews, but still can give you some insight as to what is lined up.

- Open Source (Parag Khanna)
- UChannel Podcast
- Irvin Yalom (on KQED and Wise Counsel)
- Susan Yacoby (The Age of American Unreason)
- Shrink Rap Radio (Mindmentor and others)
- Simek interviews Jaap van der Zwan
- Speaking of Faith: No more taking sides
- History 5
- Chronicles Radio Dispatches (review by guest author)
- History 106B (The Roman Empire)
- Historyzine
- The Missing Link
- In Our Time

On March 1st:
- A new podcast directory to be added, Geography Podcasts.
- 100 podcasts reviewed

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