Monday, January 3, 2011

What is hot on 3 January 2011

The Bitterest Pill
The Red Curtain Hangs Down
I got the HBO job. Apparently I was hired by the hottest director in commercials. Not bad. That was Monday. I had an audition Tuesday and came back to get into my car but it wasn’t there. Oh. So, let’s get this straight: my car is gone, my kids need to be picked up at school and my house keys are in the car. Great. Luckily, my friend Tim was available to pick me up and take me to the Santa Monica Police Department. They didn’t have my car. So, now what?
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Office Hours
Orit Avishai on Women and Religion
Orit Avishai talks about her Fall 2010 Contexts article, Women of God. People often assume that conservative religions are bad for women, but Avishai shows us the ways in which women within fundamentalist religions can have empowering experiences as well.
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The China History Podcast
The Tang Dynasty Part 2
Laszlo is back after a holiday illness to continue where we left off in 705 with the passing of Wu Zetian. After an initial golden age during the Taizong emperor, the Tang will reach new heights of glory under Tang Minghuang a.k.a. the Xuanzong emperor. The magnificent city of Chang'an is once again the center of the world where the arts flourished like never before and traders, travelers and explorers from around the world came to gather and marvel at the splendor of Tang Dynasty China.
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