Thursday, May 1, 2008

129 Podcasts Reviewed - Anne is a Man!

UPDATE: we now have 217 podcasts reviewed. (link)

It is the first of the month again and so I post in alphabetical order all podcasts I reviewed linked to the last post and relevant labels:

  1. 12 Byzantine Rulers, history podcast

  2. Africa (Stanford Travel), geography

  3. Africa Past and Present, geography

  4. Ancient and Medieval Podcast, history podcast

  5. Are we alone?, science,

  6. Arizona, University of: Introduction to Language, language

  7. BBC History Magazine, BBC history podcast

  8. Bike Radar, tour

  9. Binge Thinking History, history podcast

  10. Bioethics podcast, science, law and society

  11. the Biography Show, history podcast

  12. Biota Podcast, science

  13. Bommel Hoorspel, NL radio

  14. British History 101, history podcast

  15. Car Talk,

  16. Celtic Myth Podshow

  17. CFR Podcast, law and society

  18. Chronicles Radio Dispatches

  19. Dan Carlin's Common Sense,

  20. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, history podcast

  21. David Kalivas' World History, history podcast

  22. Distillations, history podcast science

  23. the Economist,

  24. Engines of our Ingenuity, science

  25. English 117S, language

  26. Everything Lincoln, history podcast

  27. Exploring Environmental History, science, history podcast

  28. F1Cast

  29. Fresh Air (NPR)

  30. From our own Correspondent, BBC geography

  31. Geography 130, geography

  32. Geography of World Cultures (Stanford), geography history podcast

  33. Global Geopolitics, geography

  34. Hank's History Hour, history podcast

  35. Hannibal (Stanford), history podcast

  36. Haring Podcast, NL radio

  37. Historical Jesus (Stanford), history podcast יהדות

  38. History 106B, Berkeley history podcast

  39. History 167B, Berkeley history podcast

  40. History 181B, Berkeley history podcast

  41. History 2311, history podcast

  42. History 2312, history podcast

  43. History 4A, Berkeley history podcast

  44. History 5 (Anderson), Berkeley history podcast

  45. History 5 (Laqueur), Berkeley history podcast

  46. History 7B, Berkeley history podcast

  47. History according to Bob, history podcast

  48. History Network, history podcast

  49. History of Rome, history podcast

  50. History of the International System (Stanford), history podcast

  51. History Podcast, history podcast

  52. Historypod, history podcast

  53. Historyzine, history podcast

  54. ICT Update,

  55. In Our Time, In Our Time BBC (science) history podcast

  56. In the Media (WNYC)

  57. Inspired Minds (Deutsche Welle)

  58. Interview Vrijdag, NL radio

  59. Irving Poetry podcast

  60. ITV, tour

  61. Jung Podcast, psychology

  62. KMTT, יהדות

  63. KQED Forum

  64. Language (UCSD), language

  65. Librivox: History of Holland, history podcast

  66. Marathon Interview, NL radio

  67. Matt's Today In History, history podcast

  68. Medieval & Renaissance Studies Events, history podcast

  69. Medieval Podcast, history podcast

  70. Midwest Writer, language

  71. Military History Podcast, history podcast

  72. Missing Link, history podcast science

  73. MMW 3, the medieval heritage (Chamberlain), history podcast

  74. MMW 3, the medieval heritage (Herbst), history podcast

  75. My Three Shrinks, psychiatry

  76. Napoleon 1O1, history podcast

  77. National Archives Podcast, history podcast

  78. NRC FM,

  79. Only in America, history podcast יהדות

  80. Open Source

  81. OVT, history podcast NL radio

  82. Oy Mendele!, יהדות

  83. PACS 164A, Berkeley

  84. Parnell's History Podcast, history podcast

  85. Peopletalk's Podcast, history podcast

  86. Physics for future Presidents, Berkeley science

  87. Phil 7 (Berkeley), Berkeley philosophy

  88. Philosophy 103, philosophy

  89. Philosophy 7 (Berkeley), Berkeley philosophy

  90. Philosophy Bites, philosophy

  91. the Philosophy Podcast, philosophy

  92. Prosperity show

  93. Podcasts on Medieval Texts, history podcast

  94. Podwatch

  95. Radiolab (WNYC), science

  96. Rav Dovid's, יהדות

  97. Redborne History, history podcast

  98. Rhetoric 10 (Berkeley), Berkeley language

  99. Rpgmp3

  100. Sex History Podcast, history podcast

  101. the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, SGU science

  102. Šimek 's Nachts, simek NL radio

  103. Social Innovation Conversations,

  104. Sonic Society, creative writing

  105. Speaking of Faith, יהדות

  106. Shrink Rap Radio, shrinkrapradio psychology

  107. Stanford U History, history podcast

  108. Sunday Sundown

  109. Talking Robots, science

  110. TdF London, tour

  111. Teaching American History, history podcast

  112. TED Talks, vodcast

  113. That Podcast Show

  114. Times Talks,

  115. Tudorcast, history podcast

  116. The Word Nerds, TWN language

  117. UCLA Israel Studies, Israel

  118. University Channel Podcast, science

  119. Volkskrant Podcasts, tour

  120. We the People Stories, history podcast

  121. What is Judaism?, יהדות

  122. Wise Counsel, Wise Counsel psychology

  123. the Writing Show, Writing Show language

  124. Wynyfryd's meditation room

  125. the Your History Podcast, history podcast

  126. Your Purpose Centered Life

  127. zencast

  128. zoem, psychology

  129. האוניברסיטה המשודרת, גלי צה"ל

If you know of interesting podcasts that you think should be reviewed, please let me know through the comments page. Or send me mail...

Thanks in advance,

Anne Frid de Vries (in one word)


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