Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Language - podcast lectures reviewed

Here is short review of two university lecture series on language.

Berkeley: Rhetoric
Daniel Coffeen tries a provocative approach to get you to know rhetoric, not just by learning it, but also by experience. Coffeen is not a regular university professor and the style and form of the course this is tangible and make a refreshing impact. This is not classical rhetoric; he is not going to rely on logic. Coffeen is more of a relativistic persuasion, where the rhetoric is not intended to persuade people to truth, or at least an agreement, but rather one that rhetoric is the goal, which in a way is a celebration of argument, rather than agreement.

Argument Clinic

UC San Diego: Language
An unfortunate start to this series is that the first 7 lectures were not podcast. So we enter the course right in the middle of studying syllogisms. By now we have reached the thirteenth lecture and we are still with reasoning. In comparison to the previous is much more classical. I am not sure whether this course should be identified more as logic than as rhetoric.

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