Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wynyfryd's meditation room

When Wynyfryd's father had to recover from illness she found that he needed relaxation and meditation. She went to look for free meditations on line and found none. Then she decided to fill that gap by herself. She started recording meditation she had written down, mixed them with appropriate music and made them into mp3 files. The basics for a podcast.

Wynyfryd's Meditation Room is not a regular podcast in the sense that there is a regular output of shows. She records and publishes meditations as she can put her hands on them and record them. The audience is requested to hand her whatever material they are able and willing to share. I myself have translated a meditation of mine from the mixed Dutch and Hebrew basis I developed. As a matter of fact this one has made it to the series as Anne's meditation. I am very impressed by Wynyfryd's ability to enhance the material.

This podcast is a great source of meditations. Having a guide on your mp3 player makes for an excellent help to get out of meditation what you need.
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