Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TdF London - podcast

This year, the Tour de France is going to start in London. The prologue will be on July 7th and the next day, on Sunday 8th, the first stage will go from London to Canterbury. That is all TdF is going to see in England as from there it is going continental.

If you are looking for a podcast about the Tour de France, so far, not much is to be found. The British are excited on hosting the start and there is a Tour de France London podcast, but other than that, a search shows casts on last year, or even 2005. Maybe, the cycling podcasters still have to wake up, but last year's experience showed, after many searches nothing of note. Neither in English, nor in French, German or Dutch was there anything worthy of mentioning. Let's hope this year will be better.

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