Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Military History Podcast

On the subject of the Military History Podcast as an educational podcast, I may be only mildly enthusiastic, but as a general podcast story, this is absolutely fabulous. This is the story about a kid named George Hageman who fell in love with military history and, as modern kids do, got all the hardware, software and tech knowledge needed for podcasting and simply started podcasting. He did so in 2005 and and by now, 2007, the podcast is still alive and kicking.

He has maintained the monotonous monologue, but added audio gadgets, sources and, early on, hauled in a sponsor contract. He makes 10 to 20 minute episodes on various subjects or battles in warring history. I am not particularly fond of the subject, neither of the format, but I admire the professionalism. Any historian could do this, but in practice they do not. George, therefore, stands on the forefront of modern history education and most likely, on his own, makes more people interested in history than many studied persons together.

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