Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A systematic discussion on Jung

The Jung Podcast is entirely about the psychology of Carl Gustave Jung. It is presented by the psycho-analyst John Betts who is a located in Canada, but received his education in Zürich, Switzerland. Betts gives a systematic introduction into the ideas of Jung and goes on to apply it in the various relevant fields.

I can recommend this podcast as a purely educational one. If you want to learn about Jung, this is an excellent point of start and possibly also a source of listening complementary to your studies. A little less appropriate it is for leisure audio and swift acquaintance with Jung. The casts are lengthy, exhaustive and carefully set up just as if they were university lectures. You have to be ready for the monologue, the low audio level and the studious approach of John Betts. If you are, this will be a great podcast. If you are not, you will be bored pretty soon.
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