Monday, December 3, 2007

Hannibal in the end - Patrick Hunt

After ten lectures, the Stanford podcast about Hannibal (feed) came to an end. Well, it did so a couple of months ago, but only now I have finished listening to the whole series. Patrick Hunt proved to be a very captivating and excited lecturer. He ends, with the defeat of Hannibal and the eventual death. After all his successes Hannibal is bettered by Scipio Africanus and Rome defeats Carthage.

Hannibal lives on though as a great military strategist. Hunt lists the historical leaders who studied Hannibal closely. Scipio did, as a first, Charlemagne, Napoleon and Patton - to name but a few. Hannibal continues to figure in military academies. And Hunt continues his search in the Alps for the exact route Hannibal took.

In the mean time, though I do not know when, Stanford has started syndicating this great series. When I first found it, it could only be downloaded from iTunes U, but by now, one can subscribe to this and other lectures from Stanford. As with many other great academic institutions. iTunes U is rapidly developing into the best source for great quality podcasts.

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