Friday, September 7, 2007

Cyber rules (Wise Counsel)

Cyberspace is changing our world. The internet is completely intertwined with the rest of life and for the generation growing up right now, it has always been that way. Just as in physical space we exist as individuals and as a community, we do so in cyber space. On a side note, I would like to state that cyber space will offer us additional ways to express and develop ourselves, rather than to give a second life and act out with another identity. That last option in cyber space has its interesting prospects, and may be useful in a sense, but I fail to see how it must develop into the major essence. And so we live in a broad and varied world that is partly electronic and by virtue of electronics, we act globally.

Such revolution in the human condition begs for the discovery and construction of new rules. Psychologist Joanie Gillispie has written a book about the cyber rules. She has already been interviewed by Dr. Dave on Shrinkrapradio, as I recounted before, and now Wise Counsel has produced another interview between them. I wonder whether the Wise Counsel interview actually took place before the one on Shrinkrapradio, but in any case the issue on SRR has been released prior to this one.

What I like especially about Gillispie's expose is the optimism. It is not just about the cyber rules, that need to be discovered and developed, but also a statement, in modern talk that cyber space rules. Cyber space has become dominant and is not going away. Her insights offer an initial guide into how cyber space can be explored and consequently enrich our lives. A truly valuable podcast for all internet users great and small.