Friday, March 21, 2008

The Celtic Myth Podshow #3

Bres the Beautiful figures in the third edition of the Celtic Myth Podshow. Unfortunately I cannot link to their site right now, as maintenance is being done. However, the show is still available through iTunes.

The tale of Bres the Beautiful is the third tale in the series that will deliver the whole Irish mythological cycle. After the gods and wars tales we have had so far, the story of Bres will touch upon another motif in story telling, the 'Vatersucher'. Why do I know this only in German? My Babylon dictionary couldn't hep me out here. Literally this is a fatherseeker. Bres doesn't know who his father is and at some point he is forced to find this out. And this may not be the kind of thing he wants to know. As goes with Vatersuchers until recent times. I was thinking of the character Johnny in a Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.

Celtic Myth Podshow -

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An additional thought on myths. It was a remark made on another podcast. In Our Time spoke of the Greek Myths and from that issue I took the understanding that myths were man's way of getting a grip on life, the world, the universe and so on. A thought experiment that doesn't draw explicit boundaries to divide science from metaphysics, philosophy from belief, history from fiction and religion from fantasy. A holistic, heuristic tool.

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