Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stem cell

A few days ago, I already announced the University Channel podcast, was going to pay attention to the stem cell issue again. Stem Cell Research: Science, Ethics, and Prospects, a panel discussion with Dr. Gregory Eastwood, interim president of Case Western Reserve University. Insoo Hyun, Assistant Professor of Bioethics, Case Western University. Horst von Recum, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, offered, in my humble opinion, slightly less than the lecture by Douglas Melton. It did not present too much new information and was maybe hampered by the order in which I heard both podcasts.

What they have in common is that, in my experience, they take more of the technical perspective. That should not surprise for a podcast coming from a university and it filled a very large gap in my factual knowledge, so that the political ethical discussion could be elevated. But as of this point, I feel a great need to hear a pure ethical discussion and have some conservative standpoint be the starting point.

I hope UC podcast will offer that, if not they, then maybe some other podcast. A search on 'stem cell' in the iTunes directory gave hardly anything but science results, nothing tagged philosophical, religious or such. A search on Google, got me a Christian bio-ethics podcast. Maybe I'll get round trying that one.

Cartoon: Gary Markstein

cartoon network on audio

I was put on the trail of the Sonic Society podcast by the Writing Show on audio plays. The audio clippings featured on that show, give a good indication on what the Sonic Society offers in its podcast. I have listened to the first episode of the new show and can report a presentation in style with the audio drama offered.

The drama is called Deck Gibson and the Stardust Dancers and is a science-fiction comedy show. As far as science fiction comedies go, my standards are set by BBC's Red Dwarf. If Deck Gibson should be compared with anything Red Dwarf it is the adventures of Ace Rimmer. Deck Gibson is a 'what a guy' kind of guy, with less tongue in cheek.

What it boils down to, is that the Sonic Society is like listening to a cartoon and technically that is pulled of very professionally. Being spoilt by the anarchy, self-mock and chaos of Red Dwarf, this podcast strikes me a slightly childish, but I shall listen to a couple more to see if I can develop a taste. The technical quality of the work certainly warrants it.

Book design

I have developed a taste for writing in the Arial font. In the past I used to like Times and around me I can see Tahoma and a couple of others that I find readable, but less befitting my own stuff. In short, I have given font some consideration, but I never imagined the consideration could be much of a point in profession, especially today. I mean, once upon a time, before word processing, fonts were a craft maybe.

The writing show features an interview with a book designer called Stephen Tiano. He explains to Paula B of the Writing show how important designing books is and spends hardly any time on covers (what I expected), but rather on choosing the right font. I liked it.

Lay out is important.