Friday, February 27, 2009

It rules the waves - Binge Thinking History Podcast review

The Binge Thinking History Podcast is, considering the charts of iTunes, a rather popular podcast in the history sections. This could come as a surprise for those who assume that the audience must be served regularly and be offered a clear schedule. BTHP has been delayed several times (this time around for over three months) and it has been taking more episodes that projected to cover subjects, now and before.

If indeed the high rating in iTunes is indicative of the public's approval than it must be for the one quality BTHP offers in between hiatus. Host Tony Cocks retells the history in his subject with tangible delight, understated humour, relevant quotations and sound effects. One is immersed into the history, which in the last two episodes and in the coming one (at least) is the history of the British Navy. The product is entertaining and informative, full of facts and story, yet light and easy to follow.

This last episode took us from the moment in the seventeenth century the Dutch and the English stopped being opponents, became allies and faced the formidable French of Louis XIV. Cocks explains how the English step by step outdo the French and then move on to become the empire that ruled the waves. This takes us also to the subject of piracy, the dangerous navigation at sea and the immense profits made of sugar and slaves.

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