Friday, November 14, 2008

Royal navy - BTHP review

At its height the British Empire encompassed the whole world, had taken about a quarter of the face of the continents and the English, it seems to me, like to point out this makes it the largest empire the world has ever seen. Gengis Khan had less? Well, I suppose it has been measured. If comparisons matter at all

This was largely made possible by the power of England on the seas and this is why Tony Cocks of Binge Thinking History Podcast is fascinated by the history of the Royal Navy and has started a series about its history. It may take two or three chapters, this is unclear in the first part, which takes us until about 1600.

Clearly the navy prevented any invasion on the British Isles. However, maintaining a navy was costly and complicated and this is taking up much of the first chapter. Once the value of the navy is established, we may well see a different angle coming up

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This weekend on Anne is a Man! (15 November)

This weekend I will be away from my computer most of the time, so I will not be able to put in a lot of writing time. There is a good chance I will not be able to post at all. However, there are a number of posts that could occur, if I manage to.

- Binge Thinking History Podcast has appeared with the first installment in a series about the British Navy.
- Simek 's Nachts is going to podfade by 2009. We have received one of the last batches of interviews and I will see which I am going to pick
- Today In Our Time delivered an issue about neuroscience. I haven't heard it yet, but as soon as I will, I suppose I can write about it.
- Veertien Achttien usually appears with a new episode on the weekend and this I might pay attention to.
- I have post ready about a great TED vodcast I saw over a week ago, but I need to see it again in order to accompany it with appropriate commentary. I have been postponing this for too long.

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