Wednesday, December 26, 2007

KMTT's weekly portions

KMTT's podcasts about the weekly portions continue on schedule, but I have fallen behind a bit. So allow me to catch up by pointing to the last two in one single post.

Parashat vayechi
Jacob sets out to bless Ephraim and Menashe and interjects a remark about Rachel. On the journey from Padan-Aram, Rachel died and he buried her in the cave of Machpela. Rabbi Chanoch Waxman lectures about the meaning of this interjection and ponders on a couple of different explanations.

Parashat shemot
Rabbi Chanoch Waxman discusses the story about Moshe as a child. His mother hides him for three months and then she set him adrift on the Nile River in a small craft of bulrushes coated in pitch. He is found by the daughter of the Pharaoh and this saves his life.

Previous parashot: vayigash, miketz, vayeshev, vayishlach, vayetze and vayera.

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Jonathan's birthday

Today, three years ago, means for many a stormy memory of the tsunami. For us a stormy memory of a birth. Now we celebrate three years for Jonathan. Lang zal die leven.
יונתן חמוד שלנו, תהיה מאושר; עד מאה כעשרים

More Jonathan in this blog: Jonathan gaat over and De eerste keer op de pot.