Saturday, July 11, 2009

History of Medicine podcasts - Oxford Brookes University

Each episode in the series History of Medicine Podcasts from Oxford Brooke University (School of Arts and Humanities) begins with calling itself: Another podcast of 'Moments in Medicine'. What does this mean? Have the makers inherited recordings of another podcast? Have they changed the name in the process? Whatever the final decision is going to be about the proper name, both names carry an indication onto what kind of podcast this is: Brief historic moments that marked the science and profession of medicine are being discussed. And they are more Medicine with a History backdrop, than chapters in the history of Medicine. On that account I'd personally prefer Moments in Medicine.

Thus far this podcast has seven short chapters in its feed which cover interesting subjects such as: Why do human beings have a tendency to obesity? Medicinal clothing. Pandemics. Sickle Cell disease. And Eugenics. The last one was highlighted on Twitter by the tweets of the Reith Lectures 2009 and this is how I found the podcast. As said, the focal point is medicine. The subjects are addressed by and to those interested in medicine and have a historic perspective for better understanding.

For the purpose of identifying the category for this podcast, I am therefore inclined to put it both in history and science (or medicine). In comparison with other podcasts, I want to recommend this one as it is very professionally made and very informative.

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