Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dan Carlin's view of Anne is a Man!

Here is a mail I received from podcaster Dan Carlin, who produces the podcasts Hardcore History and Common Sense.


Dan CarlinIt is always a fine thing to get a positive review from you. You are, in my mind, the most elite of the podcast reviewers (and most especially in the History genre). Your reviewing style reminds me more of a film are NOT the general public reviewing a piece of art, you are on a different level. You absorb all the subtle little nuances in the podcast. Any little thing we do that we wonder: "Will the audience pick up on this?" you always notice.

We also use you as a sort of barometer for how we are doing. You see, by the time we release one of our history podcasts we have heard it so many times (during the editing process) that we lose all perspective of what it sounds like to the first-time listener. So, we are never sure if it is balanced enough, or entertaining enough, or educational enough, etc. when we actually release it. Then, no matter what, we get good and bad emails about it (on this Apache show certainly!). It becomes hard for us to get a good perspective on how good the podcast episode actually was.

Until we read your review.

We know that, whether the review is good or bad, you will at least understand what we were trying to do and can judge the work on THAT standard. We really respect that and use your reviews to get a feel for what sort of product we are leaving behind in "digital stone" (strange concept, eh? That these silly little shows we do will outlive us probably?). Thanks so much for that.

And keep up what you are doing. I see no reason why you can't be the THE podcast reviewer online. No one has really assumed that role, and no one, it seems to me, does it as well as you do (and believe me, I look!).

Take care and stay safe...


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