Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Funeral Game

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is an entirely unique history podcast. Dan Carlin presents an element of world history in his own words and does two very original things. One is that he brings the history in an entirely oral style. He tells about it as if he is engaging in a one on one conversation with you, the listener, and tells what he knows about the subject at hand - in the latest edition: the succession of Alexander the Great.

The second very original element is that he shifts emphasis from handing the facts to his own interpretation of the facts and his own thoughts about it. This results in a story with the analysis with comparisons, evaluations and what-ifs built in. No other history podcast I know does this. It makes for an exciting, and very different podcast experience.

There is actually a third element that Dan Carlin adds. He tries to dramatize the cast with the help of sound effects. I think this element is still very much in the back ground. It has been developing over the past shows and, I expect, will become more and more profound in shows to come. It takes the podcast well beyond the experience of a history lecture.

Go and listen to the latest episode - The Macedonian soap opera - and enjoy what is called: The Funeral Game.
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