Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is hot on 1 January 2011

Philosopher's Zone
Alexander McCall Smith and the philosopher detective
This week, a conversation with writer Alexander McCall Smith. He´s best known for his series of novels about Precious Ramotswe and her No. 1 Ladies´ Detective Agency in Botswana. However, McCall Smith is also the creator of Isabel Dalhousie, a trained philosopher and editor of The Review of Applied Ethics, who solves mysteries in her native Edinburgh and contemplates the ethical problems behind them.
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Big Ideas
Origin of the Universe & the Arrow of Time
Sean M. Carroll of CalTech discusses how the direction of the arrow of time was defined by the Big Bang. He also speculates about what might have come before the Big Bang. The lecture is entitled The Origin of the Universe & the Arrow of Time.
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Wise Counsel
Sandra Ceren, Ph.D. on Premarital Counseling
Dr. Ceren has devoted her clinical career to developing a systematic program for providing effective premarital counseling, a niche that presented itself after working with troubled couples and recognizing the need for a prophylactic approach to identifying and addressing likely causes of incompatibility prior to marriage as a method of improving marital satisfaction and reducing the need for divorce. Currently, premarital counseling is emphasized in pastoral counseling settings such as the Catholic Church. Dr. Ceren would like to see an expansion of such counseling, however, such that marriage licenses could not be issued without participation. She has developed a 10 session program wherein partners individually fill out personality and relationship questionnaires and then share findings so as to identify and address areas of incompatibility. Though opposites attract, couples with similarities fare better in marriage according to Dr. Ceren. Conflict is not an issue, although the couple's ability to achieve compromise is vital. Apart from compatible styles with regard to big issues including sex, money and religion, it is also vital to identify partners with personality disorders (rigid personality styles) which will prevent compromise from being achieved (because one or both partners lacks the flexibility to achieve that compromise).
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Schlaflos in München
Ein frohes neues Jahr!
Heute wünsche ich Euch schlicht und einfach ein frohes neues Jahr 2011! Ich hoffe, Ihr seid gut "reingerutscht" und freut Euch auf die Monate, die uns da bevorstehen!
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