Monday, February 1, 2010

An uncertain wind of change

Normally this would be the podcast list for February 2010. 370 podcasts reviewed in a long, long list, but as of now I will stop making these monthly posts. For one, I felt the list was becoming too long and unwieldy. Another point to take into account is that some of the podcasts on the list are podfaded. And lastly, why deliver the whole list over and over again, when in time, the percentage of change in it is getting smaller and smaller.

I have been thinking about this for much more time than just recently. But what has pushed me over the line and made me decide to stop delivering this monthly post is that my blog provider, Blogspot / Blogger / Google has added new functionality: static pages. This was exactly what I had been looking for and what I have forcibly inserted into the blogs with the foreign template that has been in use for nearly two years now.

First of all this means that the podcast list will still be around for who is interested, and I will regularly update it. Second, this means I want to change templates and start using one from the official offering of Blogger, so that I will be able to adapt to new features in the future and not be rendered with an obsolete template as I am now.

So check with the podcast list and with other static pages (see the list on the left bar of the blog) that are up now, or will be soon and help me choose the new template by leaving feedback. I need the feedback as I am very unsure about which template to choose. Soon I will write about the options open. Stay tuned.