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You can submit a podcast for reviewing. When you do, add your own thoughts about the podcast. If I do not come around to reviewing the podcast myself, I will post your review here - labelled with report. Podcast reports can be submitted in the comments or email to Anne is a Man (Anne Frid de Vries (in one word) AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk).

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Tom Tacken (Veertien Achttien) said...

Hi Anne,

Enjoyed listening to these episodes. 'The War Requiem', on 'shell shock' and distress in and after wartime, is very well made.

Aileen O'Carroll said...

This a new podcast on Irish history. The second episode begins a four part look at vikings. I thought the pod-caster managed to bring to life Europe of the 800s (don't want to say more as it will ruin the effect, but some of the pictures painted stayed with me after the episode). I found it entertaining without being glib, had enough meaty detail to make it informative.

JRD Skinner said...

Hi - it's not exactly history or soccer, but we'd love to see a review of our little dog and pony show, Flash Pulp:

We try to pay homage to the pulp stories of the '30s and '40s, three times weekly. Even if you don't do a review, we appreciate the consideration!

Unknown said...

Hey Anne;
My name is Laura May and I'm from Craigsville in Cyberspace.

I have a very sexy, funny, dirty podcast and I would like to invite you to listen to it.

I was a featured podcaster on iTunes for a month and created a bit of a buzz there.

You can find my podcast on my website or -

***Please listen to the introduction then SKIP right to episode #9-15***

Hope you'll enjoy it.
Have an Awesome Weekend!

Devyn G. said...

Hello Anne

My name is Devyn, and i would like to submit an amazing local podcast, that i love, for review.
It is a cast made of a table of "Misfits" all attending UT dallas in different degree programs.
They discuss topics from the news, to life, all the way to answering "letters," and giving advice to listeners.

Each of them have a different view on almost everything, and it helps that they all are funny.
It is a interesting, hilarious, great podcast that i think many would enjoy.

i hope you enjoy. I sure do

DysfunctionalParrot said...

I guess I'll take a stab at self promotion. In all fairness, I'm somewhat of an upstart production and not really well known...yet!

The podcast covers news,politics,religion and comes from the angle of a cynical, pragmatic Christian worldview.

I'm just looking for some honest feedback.

the society pages said...


I ran into your review site tonight. Very impressive and insightful reviews.

We have an ongoing sociology podcast that we would love to get your feedback sometime. We've been going for about a year and a half and have close to 50 episodes. We discuss recent research done by sociologists and social scientists more broadly and interview researchers who we think are doing interesting work. Our goal is to make sociology accessible and interesting for the broader public.

We're located in the society pages domain and the podcast is called office hours

The Ministry of Geek said...

Hi Anne,

I'd really appreciate you reviewing our podcast: The Ministry of Geek, a light-hearted, entertaining and often-times acerbic take on technology issues and geekdom from Downunder (in an easily digestible 30-40 minute format).

We're getting great word of mouth down here, but would love to pick up some global listeners out there who might enjoy our unique vibe.

Kind regards,
Richard F

The Ministry of Geek

Anonymous said...

As usual I can't recommend Margaret Anderson more highly! Her lectures are a real treasure. No matter how much or how little previous exploration one has made into the history of our culture, no matter how vague or concrete one's views, there is much in her coursework for everyone. There are many enjoyable and profitable podcasts available, but if I were asked to recommend only one, her's would be my choice.

Carrie said...

Hi Anne!

I write children's poetry and decided to create a podcast of me reading them - for children who don't have my book, for those who want to read along or just listen in the car.
So far, I've only read published poems (52), and they're in the same order as the book. But now that my Podcast has been out for a month, I'll start adding more new and unpublished poems...
Anything to give parents a few minutes break while sparking the imaginations of their children!

Right now on Podbean, I am the 3rd most listened to podcast in the Kids/Family category.
I'd love it if you'd review my work:


Anonymous said...

Recently came across this and thought I'd share

Greg said...

Not strictly speaking a podcast, but a collection of MP3 audio lectures on Jewish history from the Old Testament stories to the present day. Rabbi Ken Spiro gives not only the history of the Jewish people, but also a good insight into Jewish beliefs and their interpretation of history. Very clear and entertaining presentation suitable for an audience without a background in history. Total duration is about 24 hours.

Geoffrey Welchman said...

The Inverse Delirium podcast is a comedic take on public radio, produced in Baltimore, USA. Inspired by the likes of Monty Python, Mr Show, Daffy Duck, and Word Jazz, each 12-minute show features interviews and sketches straight from the mind of creator Geoffrey Welchman. Watch the line between reality and reality podcasting blur!

Anonymous said...

"We Hate Movies!" is a bad movie podcast that's actually funny. Please check us out and let us know what you think. and

Please contact me at szyszka at if you do review it. Would love to hear your input. Thanks!

Anne the Man said...

I think that url should be:

CC News Feeds said...

I've been doing a podcast for about 6 months about cult movies. Either I'll get comedians to come on the show to review and make fun of a movie or I'll have an interview with someone who's been in or made a cult hit. Often both in one episode. THe show is fun and fast moving.

We also have some comedy bits.

Past guests have included, actors from Uwe Boll's films, from "Pluto Nash," "Troll 2" and "Dirty Love" among others.

Comedians have included, Todd Levin (Conan), Adam Felber (npr), Al Madrigal, Steve Agee and Chris Spencer.

check it out on itunes or

Anonymous said...

Is a podcast with soundexperiences.

Veel luisterplezier!


Tomer said...


Here is a nice new Podcast. its about all this little things in life, all the weird, useless things we hear but forget, the things that makes life a whole lot better.

and yes..its only in hebrew at the moment

Unknown said...

Hi Anne. Here's something to get your ears around on foreign policy - the podcasts that we put together here at ECFR, a think tank. The main ones are ECFR reports and ECFR agenda, but we also have a few in Spanish, German, French and Italian.

There's some big names there, but the main idea is to go slightly beyond the level of expertise of most newspaper podcasts, and to try to keep the length below ten minutes where possible, looking at issues in the news like Libya or Egypt, or some of the other big questions in foreign policy.

I hope you enjoy!

Here's the web page:

Nicholas Walton.

Craig Nybo said...

I produce a fiction podcast called Scary Stories with Craig Nybo. It’s a mix of horror and sci-fi short stories read by the author and enhanced with music and sound effects.

If you have a second, I would love it if you would check it out and write an honest review.

My information:

Name: Craig Nybo

Podcast name: Scary Stories with Craig Nybo

itunes URL:

Podcast url:

My email address:

Yours truly,

Craig Nybo

Thanks for your time.

ashez2ashes said...

Is it bad form to ask for your own podcast to be reviewed? If it isn't I'd love any comments or criticism you'd be willing to provide.

My podcast is, the Fantasy Movie Podcast. Its dedicated to reviewing fantasy movies (and ocassionally fantasy tv series).


Jane Davies said...

European Cultural History Course

About 70 lectures given by George L Mosse at the University of Wisconsin Madison - quite a few years ago.

I used the "downloadthemall" program to download the MP3s. This was a bit of work to do as you have to go to each lecture page separately for a lot of the lectures.

I have not yet listened to them all, but what excerpts I have listened to have given me a good flavour, and I look forward to listening to the whole course.

Love your site!
Jane Davies UK

wearenotalone said...

Hello, we'd love it if you could take a look at We Are Not Alone, the 1950s science fiction sketch comedy podcast.

Here's the pitch:
Enter the strange world of mad scientists, out of control robots and cold war paranoia in the 1950s science fiction themed We Are Not Alone comedy podcasts.
Are you constantly plagued by mad scientists trying to rule the world? Do you reminisce about the days when we all feared for our existence due to nuclear warheads pointing at our homes? Do you long for the days before the invention of shower gel and regional accents?
Join us for a re-evaluation of  history past, present and future. Come on in, the conspiracy is lovely.

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern,

My name is Syd. I conduct a comedy podcast named The Argument. It usually makes special time for the ridiculous, or otherwise absurd kinds of debates you get into with your friends about nothing and everything. These topics rarely, if ever, include anything of any social substance, as we prefer to discuss things like "Immortality: Would You Life Forever If You Could?" or the merits of using Facebook or not. The podcast is recorded in Louisville, KY. This is something we're revisiting, as the Argument was a podcast we'd initially conducted about three to four years ago, and those episodes should soon be up again, so we should have approximately 26 episodes. Fair warning, we are often rambly and prone to R-Rated comments about whatever our subject matter is; we rarely censure ourselves. You can find information about the podcast here: You can listen to it there, or find the numerous places it is available for consumption.

Hope this finds you well,

Kmap said...

I will be selfish and submit my own podcast. I'd love to get your thoughts on it. It's an Adventures in Odyssey Fan podcast. Completely volunteer with no sponsors or budget. We make the podcast for the love of Podcasting. Feel free to check it out and let us know.

You can find it on Itunes too by searching The Ceiling Fan.


David Crowther said...

I found you website really useful - it made me give Dan Carlin's podcast a go - so here's my very own podcast I'm submitting for everyone's thoughts . . it's a history of England from the arrival of the Anglo Saxons to 1901. You can get it on iTunes by typing in the history of england, or go to


The Hum House said...


We would LOVE for you to review our FREE podcast The Hum House, with currently 11 episodes available on iTunes.

The HUM HOUSE is a singer/songwriter showcase in Long Beach, CA. We showcase artists and their original music. The podcast is recorded live each week and profiles two artists and their original music. It also includes a feature on The Hum House creator, Cory Joseph Clark. The mission of The Hum House is to create a community of artists and give an accessible outlet for everyone to hear live performances of new music.

Geoffrey Welchman said...

Hi Anne,

I produce the Inverse Delirium podcast (, a sketch-based spoof of public radio that comes out twice a month. Each webisode is 14 minutes or so of "geniunely inspired" humor on topics like news, animals, arts, politics, and more animals. We're in our second year now.

thanks, gw

Natty Bumpercar said...

Howdy -

I stumbled onto your site while looking for avenues on how to promote my weekly podcast - which is posted every Wednesday (and sometimes Friday's).

I'd love for you to give it a listen!

Here is a description of the show:

The Bumperpodcast is an oftentimes hilarious weekly romp around Headquarters, in Coffee-Can Alley, with Natty Bumpercar and his entire gaggle of pals! Giggle in wonder as Robot sneaks into the studio. Smile with joy when Baby Bumpercar visits the studio. Stare with amazement when Doodle Poodle and a bunch of other characters say a lot of things about a lot of things and just know that Pig is the best pig that has ever stepped to a microphone - ever. A lot of tremendous stuff can happen in a short amount of time - and we prove that every week on the Bumperpodcast!

Here is a link to the archive … We've got 91 episodes up!

New shows are posted on the blog each Wednesday.

Thanks for your time … Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks a ton,

- Natty Bumpercar

Anonymous said...

Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman. Thirteen episodes will be broadcast from 18 to 25 September on BBC Radio 4.

This is a must.

Anonymous said...


I cant believe you have not found this history podcast. It is almost as good as Hardcore History. A lot of fun to listen to. The first segment is on the American Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

This podsafe music podcast is the best around. A few of my friends are listeners. Give it a listen if you wish. It can be found at


Seymour said...

Hello, Anne,

I have been podcasting my short fiction as "Stories from the Borders of Sleep" for the last 6 months. I have recently started putting up a new episode every week and I'm hoping to generate some more interest by having the podcast reviewed.

The podcast is available on iTunes and at:

The stories are diverse but have threads of fantasy and mysticism running through them, some of them are rewritten fairy tales or biographical snippets. I aim to transport the listener in their imagination and provide the perfect bedtime story.

Although I write for adults I make sure that the stories are appropriate for family listening and would suit anyone from 5 upwards (my nephews love them).

Thanks for the incredibly comprehensive catalogue of reviewed podcasts that you are growing here. It is surprising how few sites are dedicated to this but you are clearly leading the field!

Keep up the good work.

Best regards,


Christopher Postill said...

Hi Anne!

I wanted to submit a podcast that I host to you in hopes that you'll enjoy.

I t is called "Sounds Like An Earful" and it is all about getting curious with our ears. We talk about music and sound design, but keep it rooted in day to day life. I ask friends and strangers to participate in lots of cool sound experiments as well as write and record all of the original music. I’d definitely appreciate your ears if you have some free time to check it out!

All the best Anne,

Kimberly said...

The Randy Kagan Show on iTunes. (Comedy)

Fox said...

Hi there Anne!

A new podcast to consider review: GeekScholars Movie News

GeekScholars Movie News is a weekly podcast highlighting film headlines, previews and reviews. Crafted and created by four friends, the GeekScholars are here to deliver to you discussion, analysis, debate and banter about all things movie-related. What helps us stand apart is that we try to go in depth with our research on film projects in order to be educational, entertaining and informative. You can find the show here:


Baldercasters said...

You appreciate our consideration for this review! Thanks for listening. You are probably wondering why we went into podcasting, well, it's because such an elite class of professionals actually make it and just having one is validation in itself. Knowing we've arrived is priceless. I had a feeling you were wondering how we felt about that! Well feel free to drop me a line and we might go bear-shopping in the Andes together. I'm staying at the cocaine monastery, so look me up (wink).

Bye now. I'm hanging up on you. Seriously, don't bring it up again! We've had this argument too many times and frankly I've had it up to here! Where? Oh don't be snarky with me. I'm a hangnail away from chopping off your scratchy toes.



Loren said...

I produce the podcast Movies You Should Love, and would be very grateful for a review.

Movies You Should Love is like film school without the tuition. Loren and Scott take on classic and current films and break them down, explaining what makes them tick and why people love them today.

Through in depth film analysis, they pick apart, analyze, critique, mock, and dig into classic films, mediocre movies, and modern masterpieces.

Podcast Website:

Tom M. said...


I'm one of the hosts of the newish literary podcast, Book Fight, in which we discuss books in an intelligent and analytical, but irreverent way, similar to the kinds of conversations two writers might have in a bar.

Mike Ingram, the other host, and I, are both published authors and editors of the literary journal Barrelhouse, in addition to being creative writing professors.

I hope you'll check it out and give it a review. We're in the Itunes store and at


Amanda S said...

Hi Anne,

I enjoy your blog. An itunes U course that I have listened to recently and got good value from is from La Trobe University and is about the European Union. The lecturer is called Stefan Auer. Associated with the course is a sizeable collection of interviews made over the past few years with a variety of academics, politicians and ambassadors about the EU.

Regards, Amanda

Anne the Man said...

Thank you Amanda, that looks likea very good tip

DigMeOut said...

Hi Anne, I'm the producer and co-host of the Dig Me Out Podcast.

We started in January 2011 revisiting lost, forgotten, overlooked and under-appreciated college, indie, alternative and hard rock of the 1990s.

Each show focuses on one album, sometimes with guest reviewers, sometimes with members of the bands themselves, dissecting songwriting, recording, etc., trying to uncover the hidden gems of 90s.

We try not to get too deep into music-geek speak, keeping things conversational for the everyday music fan.

The podcast is on iTunes and Stitcher, links on

Unknown said...

Hey Anne,

I'm a young podcaster in college who earlier tried starting up a little politics podcast with a few of my friends. Unfortunately, none of them showed up to the recordings and left me saddled with paying for operating the podcast and not much to talk about history-wise. The podcast was called History on the Run and you gave it an honest review as more about the politics than the history....which weren't very good either. Fast forward four years and I'm in college quadruple majoring in History, Economics, Poly Sci, and Global Studies and running a podcast on the side for fun where I get to interview professors, talk about history, and break things down into little 20 minute chunks. I'm available on Itunes, and I'd love whatever criticism you can throw my way to make the podcasts better.

-Thank you
-Daniel Froehling

Unknown said...

Hi Anne -

My podcast just passed 1300 downloads on the 5th episode, and I'd love to get your review - its about running an ecommerce store online.



Anonymous said...

I thought this one was great for helping business owners get their website popularity up.

Jonathan said...

I just started a podcast that uses the 2012 Presidential election to teach critical thinking skills. It's called Critical Voter and can be found at as well as on iTunes. Hope it catches your interest.

Reginald Pinkston said...

Hi, I was wondering if you can review a podcast called D Saint Radio.

I listened to their "Bonus Episode" and quite honestly could not stop laughing at their jokes.

Anonymous said...

I'm an avid podcast listener. I just discovered your blog and it's a great resource, so thank you for doing this.

I'm surprised no one has recommended "Oh No Ross and Carrie!" It's a hilarious and warm-hearted skeptic show. That type of podcast usually doesn't appeal to me because it consists of angry people ranting about people they hate, but Ross and Carrie are different. They're genuinely curious about the many beliefs people hold and are always funny without being cruel. I particularly recommend the two-part episode "Ross and Carrie Go Mormon". The episodes are fast-paced for a 50 minute show, and I rushed through them.

I don't have any association with ONRAC or any other podcast, I just wanted to bring attention to one of my favorite underrated podcasts.

Adam Sherlock said...

Hi Anne,

I saw your blog about doing podcast reviews, and I have been very interested to see what a podcast reviewer would think of the program that I oversee. I work for Spy Hop Productions, a non profit youth development facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. The program that I teach is called Sending Messages. It is a storytelling podcast that is recorded and produced by teens in a lock-down youth corrections facility. Like a youth correction This American Life.

You can listen to episodes at

Thanks for your time.

Unknown said...

Hi Anne,

I'm sorry to add to your workload! But as you have such a comprehensive list of history podcasts I had to add the new "History of Byzantium" podcast.

It's a continuation of the story told in the "History of Rome" and follows the Eastern Roman Empire from 476 to 1453.

Keep up the great work.

Unknown said...

Hi Anne,

Sorry to add to your workload! I produce "The History of Byzantium" podcast. It's a follow up to the acclaimed "History of Rome" podcast.

It follows the story of the Eastern Roman Empire from 476 to 1453. If you ever get to review it I would be so pleased.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

I found Fr. John Riccardo's podcasts two years ago, and there is something addictive about them. I have basically listened to every single one. What do you think? I linked one of his series, but listen to whichever ones you like...

Ed and John said...

Lunch Box, Featuring Ed and John

On itunes at:


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

I found this recently, its a TV and Movie review podcast with an entertaining angle on it :

LumberjackNick said...

Hope you're doing well. There's a pretty awesome podcast that came out earlier this spring. It's called Nick Nerds Out. It's hosted by a guy named Nick, and his two cohosts, Fembot Nicolette 3000, and Count Nicula. They nerd out on topics like movies, games, comics, etc. The secret to the show is that he does all the voices himself. He does them so well, and edited in a way that it's hard to tell. Hope you review it! Love the blog!

LumberjackNick said...

On by the way, here's a link for Nick Nerds Out.!/id659901081?mt=2

Gidon Gerber said...

A great new course just started on CourseERA: "A Brief History of Humankind" by
Dr. Yuval Noah Harari (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The first lecture about early humans is very promising. His style is entertaining, surprising and controversial (he considers humans as a sheep that learned to make tanks and atomic bombs). I am looking forward to the upcomng lectures.

Unknown said...

Hi Anne,

I round up and play the best of the UK's poets, storytellers and comedians and play them on my podcast Superbard Under the Sea. It's also set on the bottom of the ocean floor in a ship rapidly running out of air.

I'd love you to review it.


KV said...

Hi, loving the blog!

A couple of months back there was a podcast called The Verbal Shotgun Effect on the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes. I thought it might be worth sending over to you for a listen. The latest episode (Episode 6 - November 2013) is probably their best, so maybe have a listen to that one for review purposes.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

The venerable Wayne Brady takes on hair loss issues with his usual comedic genius and timing, but still handles it all in a tender way! Thought you might enjoy a laugh and a woman’s perspective on the matter with this very funny free podcast!

French Spanish Online said...

Hi Anne,
not exactly a podcast, but with many audio files and pronunciation tips videos:, enjoy!

Unknown said...

Hello, I would be interested to know what you think of my conspiratorial/political/mystery/travel.. weekly podcast called 'Truth Sentinel'

I travel the world and discuss, debate/chat about news/conspiracies/mysteries and sometimes link them to places I visit e.g Egypt and the pyramids.. I look at alternative ideas and interview guests such as Sean Stone (son of Oliver), Sarah Bajc (partner on MH370), Gareth Icke (son of David), David Shayler (ex MI5) and so on...

Would really appreciate your feedback as it is always a work in progress.

Links below: