Saturday, July 30, 2011

Podcast reports until July 2011

Over the past weeks, a many people have contacted me with podcast reports - here is the lot of them:


Craig Nybo has left a new comment on your post "Report a Podcast":

I produce a fiction podcast called Scary Stories with Craig Nybo (Scary Stories with Craig Nybo on iTunes, feed). It’s a mix of horror and sci-fi short stories read by the author and enhanced with music and sound effects.

If you have a second, I would love it if you would check it out and write an honest review.

My email address:

Yours truly,

Craig Nybo

Thanks for your time.


Jane Davies has left a new comment on your post "Report a Podcast":

European Cultural History Course

About 70 lectures given by George L Mosse at the University of Wisconsin Madison - quite a few years ago.

I used the "downloadthemall" program to download the MP3s. This was a bit of work to do as you have to go to each lecture page separately for a lot of the lectures.

I have not yet listened to them all, but what excerpts I have listened to have given me a good flavour, and I look forward to listening to the whole course.

Love your site!
Jane Davies UK


From: AK40Show
To: Anne is a Man
Sent: Tuesday, 21 June 2011, 21:25
Subject: AK40SHOW podcast for review

we're also on itunes.

we have 38 episodes so far. I would love to hear your feedback.
We range from comedy, to social commentary, to psychology and
relationships, to ridiculous, to how the hell do you get arrested

Aaron & Kris Drinkin' 40's Doin' A Show (feed)

thanks for your time


wearenotalone has left a new comment on your post "Report a Podcast":

Hello, we'd love it if you could take a look at We Are Not Alone, the 1950s science fiction sketch comedy podcast. (feed)

Here's the pitch:
Enter the strange world of mad scientists, out of control robots and cold war paranoia in the 1950s science fiction themed We Are Not Alone comedy podcasts.
Are you constantly plagued by mad scientists trying to rule the world? Do you reminisce about the days when we all feared for our existence due to nuclear warheads pointing at our homes? Do you long for the days before the invention of shower gel and regional accents?
Join us for a re-evaluation of history past, present and future. Come on in, the conspiracy is lovely.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Report a Podcast":

To whom it may concern,

My name is Syd. I conduct a comedy podcast named The Argument (feed). It usually makes special time for the ridiculous, or otherwise absurd kinds of debates you get into with your friends about nothing and everything. These topics rarely, if ever, include anything of any social substance, as we prefer to discuss things like "Immortality: Would You Life Forever If You Could?" or the merits of using Facebook or not. The podcast is recorded in Louisville, KY. This is something we're revisiting, as the Argument was a podcast we'd initially conducted about three to four years ago, and those episodes should soon be up again, so we should have approximately 26 episodes. Fair warning, we are often rambly and prone to R-Rated comments about whatever our subject matter is; we rarely censure ourselves.

Hope this finds you well,


Hi Anne,

I am the co-producer of a weekly music reviews podcast called MSI: Music Scene Investigation and I was wondering if you would be willing to review the show for us? (feed)

Producers : Ian Husbands & Rich Wildman
Host : Rich Wildman

Each week we review 3 random songs on a one-off, first listen basis, and then review the songs, talking about the aspects of songwriting, mixing, production, arrangements, performances and personal opinion. Each week our in-house team are joined by a guest panelist who is and expert in their field, and we have been lucky enough to be joined by award winning songwriter John Schroeder, Britain's Best Blues Drummer (5 years consecutive) Sam Kelly, Singer/Songwriter/Producer Paul Miro and many more, including radio DJ's, indie music website owners and more... At the end of each show, we choose one of the reviewed songs to be Song Of The Week, which we then actively promote through our website and social networks!

We hope you enjoy the show and that you feel you can review it. We look forward to your thoughts.


Ian Husbands
MSI: Music Scene Investigation


Kmap has left a new comment on your post "Report a Podcast":

I will be selfish and submit my own podcast. I'd love to get your thoughts on it. It's an Adventures in Odyssey Fan podcast. Completely volunteer with no sponsors or budget. We make the podcast for the love of Podcasting. Feel free to check it out and let us know.

You can find it on Itunes too by searching The Ceiling Fan (feed).



David Crowther has left a new comment on your post "Report a Podcast":

I found you website really useful - it made me give Dan Carlin's podcast a go - so here's my very own podcast I'm submitting for everyone's thoughts . . it's a history of England from the arrival of the Anglo Saxons to 1901. You can get it on iTunes by typing in the history of england, or go to (feed)


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