Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today in Podcast - 30 July 2011 (1)

The China History Podcast
Daoism - Part 2
More Daoism this week. We look at Zhuangzi and trace the development of Daoism during the classical age from the Han Dynasty to the Tang.
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Forgotten Classics
Genesis, chapters 32-33
In which Jacob prepares for his family reunion. Will he survive it?
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Terror Has A Business Plan
Combating its menace will be one of the biggest challenges of this decade. And for most part nations like India have failed to stifle the growth of terrorism. Perhaps we still havent developed a robust understanding of its root causes and also an effective toolkit to deal with it. Thats why we requested Sundeep Waslekar, president of Strategic Foresight Group, a leading think tank which advises governments around the world, to focus on that question. He and his team have studied every major terrorist group across the world and their practices over several decades.India is at the crossroads in its war on terror. Waslekars essay is a wake-up call for those who believe success lies in simply fighting terror with terror. And that doesnt necessarily make us a soft state.
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Philosopher's Zone
The moral judgement of psychopaths
Our guest this week says psychopaths are rarely high functioning corporate executives with a taste for downsizing. More often, they are low functioning and far more prone than to violent crime than the rest of the population. Today we explore moral judgement, neuroscience, psychopathy and the criminal justice system with ethics Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong from Duke University in the United States.
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