Saturday, April 25, 2009

Industrialization and Italian unification - History 1c

Professor Lynn Hunt's History 1c at UCLA, is the great current modern history course on podcast. It replaces in many ways, and greatly so, the sorely missing History 5 from Berkeley. In the latest lectures, we have found some excellent comparison with the previous Berkeley experiences. For those who feel like it, it pays to do them all.

I have already noted in the past how the crucial transition to modern society that is usually labeled as the Industrial Revolution is given a good and refreshing attention in History 5. There, the Professor Anderson course had some different nuances in comparison with the Professor Hesse course. Now with Professor Hunt, we get a third angle on the history. Enrichment to what we have learned and all the more grip on the subject.

The ensuing tale has mostly been about Romanticism and German unification. Hunt throws in also Realism and the Italian unification. I was especially happy with the latter, as I knew very little about it and felt it missing in all of the Berkeley courses I have followed. In short, Professor Hunt's course is excellent, a warm recommendation for both the regularly interested as the tough die-hards.

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