Thursday, April 17, 2008

UC San Diego - podcasts

Many academic institutions have found their way to iTunes U, but I have an additional appreciation for those who also disclose their content in the straightforward way Berkeley does on their Webcast site. To be a podcast listener, does not have to imply one is an iTunes user. For one, I find browsing iTunes U, or the iTunes podcast directory too bothersome. Too much loading time, too many graphics, too much of what I do not need and that takes up time and other resources. Alternately I can go to the simple list of courses at Berkeley and have it all in one instant, in one glance (or two).

The university which has follow suit, as I discovered this week, is the University of California San Diego (UCSD). Just as Berkeley, they have listed the current courses and you can directly subscribe or listen from the list. A couple of courses have immediately caught my eye: Medieval heritage, Language, The Planets, Twentieth-Century East Asia, Languages & Cultures/America and Introduction to Western Music - to name a handful.

Later this month you will be seeing the first reviews.

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