Monday, June 2, 2008

The year 1703 - Historyzine

After a long pause, Historyzine proceeded its portrayal of the War of the Spanish Succession. Taking events chronologically, host Jim Mowatt has arrived at the year 1703 and dedicates the show to the events of that year.

The perspective is on the side of the allied forces against France (and its allies). There are many players, but the main partners are England and the Netherlands, whereas the English Duke of Marlborough is the overall commander. The allies are not successful in forcing a breakthrough. Marlborough would like to provoke a major showdown with the French in Flanders, but the Dutch are not so keen on this idea. The fighting would be too close to their borders. And besides, the English will be competitors again after the war and then the effects will have weakened the Dutch and strengthened the English.

Will we see a falling out between the allies? Is this going to throw a bad turn in the war? Listen to Historyzine. And, by the way, you can also hear about the etymology of the word Cabal and, believe it or not, a podcast review by yours truly.

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