Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How could they continue - NBIH on WW1 soldiers

A great issue of New Books In History that you absolutely should not miss is Marshal Poe's recent interview with Alexander Watson. Watson did research on the British and German soldiers in World War I and tried to find an answer to the eternal question how they could continue to fight as longs as they did under the horrible circumstances as they were. This also leads to an answer to the question why they quit fighting when they did. And here Watson claims to present a new answer than what is commonly held to be the case.

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Bommel audioplay - De Antiloog

Right now I am listening to an audioplay - Bommel Hoorspel. The original stories by Marten Toonder have been adapted to play scenarios. The plays come in a series of installments that take about 15 minutes each. The whole play will take 8 episodes or so. It is hard to tell, since the previous plays took all a different amount, varying from 6 to 12. The current play is De Antiloog.

Bommel Hoorspel is in Dutch and filled with the neologisms that one also finds in the original tales by Toonder. I wonder how listeners not native in Dutch pick this up. If you can handle it, it is really fun. If you have read the stories by Toonder, as I have, you are treated with recognition.

De antiloog could be an allegory about how philosophers and gurus confuse people and put common sense thinking on its head. But, as usual with Toonder, there is a playful magical element. The thinker Krumknikker Kop is not delivering his own learning, but rather tapping into alien vibration coming from the place where he resides. That vibration, of course, could be used by other than the philosopher as well. Where will that lead to?

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