Thursday, August 11, 2011

Listening ideas for 11 August 2011 (3)

In 2001 the music sharing website Napster was closed down.
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Namaste Stories
Episode #49 "Strange Bedfellows"
Music is, first, "La Noche" by Lynne Arriale and second, "Making an Entrance" by Dave Painchaud, both available at Thank you Lynne, Dave, and anyone still listening for your patience.
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The building of the Berlin Wall.
On August 13, 1961 work began on the Berlin Wall.
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Listening ideas for 11 August 2011 (2)

Jamillah goes long
This week Jamillah finds out finds out the best ways to listen to long bits of audio or watch long bits of video on the web.
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Documentary on One
Breaking Records
Can anything good come of riots? Maybe music. In the summer of the London riots, a new documentary from Delaney Hall on the New York riots of 1977 and their impact on hip-hop music. (Short radio documentary from on RTE Radio Ireland)
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The Total Football Soccer Show
USA 1-1 Mexico Reaction
We discuss the USA's 1-1 draw with Mexico, with the focus on Juergen Klinsmann's debut as head coach. Also covered: potential moves for Freddy Au and Maurice Edu, and the big MLS/US Soccer television deal with NBC.
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Listening ideas for 11 August 2011 (1)

Mahabharata Podcast
Episode 66 - Kurukshetra, Day 9
Episode 67 - On the previous day, Duryodhana was quickly losing faith with his uncle. He began to suspect that Bhisma was throwing the contest in favor of the Pandavas. Karna didn't help any when he offered to take charge in place of the old man. So Duryodhana asked the old man to either fulfill his oaths or get out of the game. Now today, on the 9th day, Bhisma sets out to finish off his Dharma so he could move on to the next phase in his life. On the battlefield, he kills hundreds of thousands, including the entire nation of the Saumakas. Bhisma takes out a large chunk of the Pandava army. If he keeps this up another day or two, there will be no one left to fight on the Pandavas' side. So that night, after the battle, they go unarmed to Bhisma's tent and ask him what they should do about this and how they should win the war. Of course, they've known what they needed to do all along, but it's nice to have Bhisma tell you himself and to even give his blessing! We'll see tomorrow if Arjun finally carries through with his duty...
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Radio Open Source
The Fisherfolk of Karachi: a Parable of Pakistan
The city of Karachi (pop. roughly 20-million) dumps 500-million gallons of waste into its harbors every day — “into the bowl of our livelihood,” as Mohammad Ali Shah puts it, and that’s just the beginning. “Land grabbers,” whom we’d call developers, are encroaching on their land, as fish factories at sea are gobbling their catch. Two of the allied activists fighting the “land mafia” that has targeted their mangrove forest were murdered this past May. Fishing families suffer the cold war between Pakistan and India acutely, in the periodic arrest (and long arbitrary sentences) of fishermen who stray across territorial borders. And on top of everything, says Mohammad Ali Shah, nobody seems to care — certainly nobody with much political power. Pakistani politics, he instructs us, is an inside brokers’ game that shuns “people power.”
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The Economist
Britain's riots
Our correspondents on riots that had more to do with unruly chaos than genuine grievances, and how the Conservatives could benefit
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