Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heads-up for 21 December 2010

Mighty Movie Podcast
In 1999, Warner’s released THE IRON GIANT. Well… released may not be the best term. Slipped into theaters under the cover of night so that anyone who might be remotely interested couldn’t possibly know of its existence… yeah, that’s the term. Despite the stealth marketing, director Brad Bird’s animated tale of a young boy who lives in red-scare, 1950’s America and manages to bond with a giant, gentle, metal-eating robot managed to catch a few discerning eyes (mine included), and has since been championed as a tremendously entertaining animation classic. As for Bird, well, the guys at Pixar took note, too, and Brad wound up helming a couple of minor trifles you might have heard of: THE INCREDIBLES and RATATOUILLE.
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Scientific American Podcast aka Science Talk
Anna Deavere Smith: Let Me Down Easy
Actor, playwright and journalist Anna Deavere Smith talks about the health care crisis and her play about people dealing with illness, health and the health care system, Let Me Down Easy.
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The Korea Society
After the G20: Issues & Outlook
On November 18, 2010, Ambassador Thomas Hubbard, Chairman of the Korea Society, hosted a discussion of the economic, trade, and regulatory issues covered at the G-20 Summit. The panel included Ambassador Young-Mok Kim, Consul General of The Republic of Korea in New York, William Rhodes, senior advisor to Citigroup and a G-20 participant, and James E. Glassman, a managing director and senior economist at JPMorgan Chase.
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Stuff You Missed in History Class
Did Empress Wu's reign change China?
During the Tong Dynasty, Chinese women were often treated as second-class citizens. This made the rise of Empress Wu even more extraordinary. But did her work have a lasting effect? Learn more about how -- or if -- Empress Wu permanently changed China.
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