Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Heads-up for 14 December 2010

Outriders aka Pods and Blogs
Wikileaks so far and a little light mathematics
This week Jamillah and Chris Vallance tease out the strands of the wikileaks story so far and chat with experts on the real meaning of cyber war and the future of leaked documents. Oh - and there's a great song about maths too.
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Inspired Minds
Pavan Sukhdev
The Special Advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme’s Green Economy Initiative, Pavan Sukhdev, pursues long-standing interests in environmental economics and nature conservation. Initially as a senior banker, Pavan Sukhdev founded and went on to join the board of Deutsche Bank's Global Markets Centre in Mumbai. Sukhdev has also held positions with Deutsche Bank as Head of Global Markets Finance for Asia-Pacific and later Chief Operating Officer of the Bank's Global Emerging Markets Division, a leading and multiple award-winning markets division represented in over thirty countries. He also manages a model rainforest restoration and eco-tourism project in Australia, and an organic farming and eco-tourism venture in south India. Pavan Sukhdev talks this week to Robin Powell.
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Some Books Considered
Program 073
Patricia Cornwell continues her highly successful Kay Scarpetta series with Port Mortuary. She shares how she developed her interest in forensic science, which led to her career as an author. She also discusses the plotline of the book and the research that went into developing the story. Through the military focus of this novel, set in part at Port Mortuary at Dover Air Force Base, she gained a greater appreciation for the Armed Forces and has launched an “America for Vets” national campaign. More information is available at patriciacornwell.com.
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Science Times
This week: thinking about thinking about eating, why bugs hold their breath, and insights on dementia.
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