Saturday, March 28, 2009

Science Times - NYT podcast review

The New York Times has a number of podcasts, that I had been asked by Erno Mijland of the blog Alles Kan Altijd Beter to review again. So far, I must admit, I have not been tremendously impressed. And it is not the first time, I find that regular media, when engaging in podcasting come out rather poorly. However, the science podcast, is an exception to the better.

Science Times (feed) is a complete science rubric in podcast. It contains science news and one or two interviews about a science subject, interestingly this implies other than natural sciences. The interviews are done professionally and give a complete entry into the subject discussed. This is all the more commendable, since the podcast is relatively short: around 20 minutes. That makes it an excellent podcast to be informed about interesting subjects in science.

As mentioned above, this podcast covers more than just natural sciences. I have heard a couple of economics subjects that were handled pretty effectively as well. Furthermore, the health section deserves special mention. This is not only informative as far as medical science is concerned, it also has a tendency to talking about issues very pertinent to the consumer of health services. In short a valuable and good podcast.

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