Friday, July 4, 2008

History Compass - podcast review

In this short series, I'll start with the promotional podcasts. Here is the first.

History Compass Blog is a promotional podcast for an on line journal, History Compass. Writers are telling in short about what article they have written. It is an incentive to buy subscription, or pay a one time fee to read the article. I find the price for the full content rather high, although I have little to compare it with.

The articles seem very interesting and the podcast is long enough to get a real impression. I can imagine to pick up, may be not all episodes, but at least those that are of interest to me.

Buying a subscription or an article is something I can imagine one would do if one is professionally engaging in research.

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Anne the man's quick screening of new history podcasts

This weekend I am undertaking a quick screening of new history podcasts taken from the iTunes history listing. I will try to have them all reviewed by Sunday.

Fact or Fiction - promotional podcast from the history section at

History Compass - promotional podcast by History Compass, an on-line history magazine where the previews are free, but the full articles have to be paid for.

Historicast - history told with the help of audio fragments

German Cultural History - German culture through the ages, as told by a student of history

Oxford Biographies - promotional podcast from the Oxford biographies website. Short bios from relatively unknown people in history

The Pope podcast - the history of the popes as told by a born again Roman Catholic; taking one pope at a time (so there are still some 250 podcasts to go)

Backstory - Radio program digging up the history behind issues that reach headlines in contemporary news

Ancient history - alternative theories - a podcast engaging in unconventional conjectures about the faraway past.

One that, unfortunately, I am not going to be able to review is The antique history of Iran. It looked so accessible in iTunes' list and description and the titles of the episodes promised a real thorough run through Persian history. Until this point all was in English, but the audio is all in the Persian language. If anybody of my blog followers understand the language and listened to the podcast, let me know and I will happily invite you to write a guest post.

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