Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anne is a Man reviewed

Recently my blog was evaluated at two other blogs and I wish to show you those reviews.

A short review was delivered by my podcast review colleague at The Podcast Place: "The man called Anne reviews many podcasts that you won’t find on this site and his writing is very good. Like me, he is a fan of podcasts and also like me, does not give the podcasts he reviews ratings."

A much longer review was delivered from the blog PTSD Spirituality; Healing Souls Wounded by PTSD, which is written by the theologian and US Army veteran and PTSD struck John D. Zemler PhD. The blog is mainly about Zemler's PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) experiences and his views how spirituality can point the way out of the infliction. Pointing to a blog about podcasts then seems like a far away side step, but here is how John Zemler makes the point that learning is a way out of PTSD and that the disorder frequently goes with symptoms that make it extremely hard to read and to check in with regular classes, not to mention the financial constraints. In this respect the kind of intellectual podcasts I review offer exactly the kind of low-threshold, free education in your own time and pace that PTSD patients can benefit from.
"In the world of podcasting, Anne provides [a] service. He spends a lot of time evaluating and finding the best of the best when it comes to podcasts and then posts them for you and me to listen and learn.

What I find most amazing is that Anne does this for free. He does not make money from this service. He has a love of learning, podcasting, and making it available to whomever is interested in using it. [...]

Anne even has helpful tutorials that explain what a podcasts is, how to use an RSS feeder, and so on. For many blog readers this is old hat. For folks like me, who are on the wrong side of the digital divide, this is very helpful information that enables the internet to be useful to me – and not be only something which bewilders me."

Arie Kleywegt - Marathon Interview recensie

Eerder deze week meldde ik dat Ronald van den Boogaard over zijn Marathon Interview met Arie Kleywegt had geschreven. Aangezien dit interview niet in de officiele podcast feed wordt aangeboden, had ik hem zelf via Huffduffer gemaakt (feed Arie Kleywegt).

Inmiddels heb ik het drie en een half uur durend interview beluisterd. Het is zeer de moeite waard; ik kan het van harte aanbevelen.