Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Word Nerds gave me a plug...

...and talked about inside language, using many examples from bicycling, which is very good in itself isn't it? The Word Nerds is a podcast about words, language and why we say the things we do - or so it is presented in the opening tune. As so many other podcasts you have the opportunity to give a shout out through mychingo. I had completely forgotten I had taken that opportunity.

I gave a mild persiflage of the opening sentences and without any comment whatsoever, show #91 opens with exactly that clip. And a link to this blog is put on the show notes. My statcounter reports a significant surge in visits and a considerable portion of the visits are redirects from the Word Nerds home page.

So, welcome to my humble blog, dear Word Nerds, Word Nerd listeners and Word Nerd affiliates. But now that we are talking. Do you also feel a bit gigglish about the opening formula 'say the things we do' and the rating? I just had to make fun of that. Did you notice?

Another thought: hopping on the show like that and comfortably draw some web attention, isn't that a bit 'wheel sucker'-ish by me? Hehehe.