Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Podcast Playlist for 31 July 2011 (2)

Philosophy Bites
Luc Bovens on Catholicism and HIV
Luc Bovens, a philosopher at the London School of Economics argues that Catholic sexual morality should, on grounds of consistency within its doctrine, permit condom use for HIV discordant couples (in which one member has HIV and the other doesn't). Philosophy Bites is made in association with the Institute of Philosophy.
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Beyond the Book
In the Plex
Join CCC’s Chris Kenneally on a tour of a secretive lair where some of the world’s greatest engineering and entrepreneurial minds plot the campaigns of a global empire. The place is the Googleplex, Mountain View, California; our guide is Steven Levy, author of “In the Plex,” out this spring from Simon & Schuster. A senior writer for “Wired” and previously author of several books examining the goings-on in Silicon Valley including “Insanely Great,” about Apple, and “Hackers: Heroes from the Computer Revolution.” Steven Levy first wrote about Google in February 1999 for Newsweek. The long relationship he has developed with the company has afforded deeper access as a journalist than almost anyone else. “I came to understand the products of Google are characters in themselves in the book,” Levy told Kenneally. “To understand how search works and how the Google ad model works, gives you insight not only into those products, but the people behind them and the values behind Google.” Last month, Google unveiled its latest social media offering, Google+, which Levy was privy to while the project was being developed under the code name, “Emerald Sea,” but unable to write about in details in his book because it wasn’t yet released (his reporting is now available on Steven Levy’s blog post at “We’ve only seen the beginnings of Google+ now. There are a lot of shoes to drop,” Levy said. “Google thought they could do it in 100 days. It took almost a year. But they’re delighted at the response it’s gotten.”
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A Podcast Playlist for 31 July 2011 (1)

A Call for Compassion
Karen Armstrong joins host Mary Hynes for a feature interview on Armstrong's Charter of Compassion. Her wish for a more compassionate world got the nod, and much-deserved seed money from the TED Foundation. The Charter was written and endorsed by some of the world's leading thinkers.
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Ancient Rome Refocused
"Ancient Troy, Graphic Novels and Brad Pitt?"
Mr. Cain goes back to Ancient Troy and we join Aeneas as he flees the city guided by the goddess Aphrodite. Eric Shanower the writer and illustrator of the graphic novels THE AGE OF BRONZE is interviewed. Yes, Brad Pitt is discussed and the movie Troy.
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OVT Podcast
OVT 31 juli 2011 uur 2
Met o.a. Ongehoord: Moskou, Vladimir Vyssotski !
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