Sunday, December 20, 2009

Current listening overview

Here is another summary post concerning what I have been listening to of late.

Philosophy Bites - Several new issues of this wonderful concise philosophy show have become available since the last review. I have listened to the interview with Jeff McMahan about killing in war. This takes on a specific aspect of the problem of just war.

From Israelite to Jew - A very good amateur podcast about the history of Jewry since the beginning of the second temple period. With the last two issues we have been informed about the 1 Century CE and its main chronicler, Josephus.

Formations of Art - An informative and entertaining art history lecture series at UCSD with William Bryson. Be quick to download these lectures if you want them, because UCSD will very soon take them off line.

History of India - UCLA history lecture series with Vinay Lal.

European Civilization - Yale's modern history series with John Merriman. I have finished this series and the surprises in the last lecture are Merriman's verdict over the petty bourgeois - blaming them for that went wrong in the last 150 years. And the fact that the series continued beyond 1945.

In other languages I have continued to listen to:

Hoorspel Bommel - Dutch Audio drama

Ronflonflon avec Jacques Plafond - Dutch radio satire

Veertien Achttien - Outstanding Dutch series about WW1

Volkis Stimme - On occasion of Advent a special series of this news satire in German

Making History with Ran Levi - Excellent Hebrew podcast about the history of science and technology