Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lost in space - Anne is a Man tentatively renewed

I have just changed the title of this blog. No more podcast reviews you may ask - well you have not had any in two years, so what good would be an answer any which way? If I am to get back to posting, podcast reviews are likely to be among them. And recipes and I think I might write about language learning.

First of all I changed the title to take away the pretense that this is still and could ever be a hub for podcast finding. That is probably not going to be the case. And all those podcasters that were hoping I'd plug their work, should seek exposure elsewhere.

Yet, the blog still exists and I frequently feel the urge to write - something, anything. And so, the change of title is first of all an opening of the gates. It allows me to start posting again.

I have some backlog of posts. The podcast reviews in them are past their due date. There are recipes I have jotted down in notebooks lying about the house and I'd hate for them to get lost. I have been using my blog as reference while cooking. Like when I took my son to Holland for his Bar Mitzva and I promised my sister I would cook her a meal. The same happens at home when I can't find the notebook with the recipe I am looking for.

My Profile in Duolingo
Lastly, ever since I came to Israel and had to urgently learn Hebrew I am extremely conscious about language learning. While the blog was still active I used to write about learning languages with the help of podcasts, but there is so much more these days. For example I am heavily using the app Duolingo. Around this I find myself telling and writing so much that it seems much could be focused here.

So why "lost in space"? Well, this blog is lost in space. It exists on the Web and it still attracts traffic, whether helpful for finding podcasts or not (probably not any more). I myself feel lost in space - being a Dutchman in Israel, a legal professional in a computer job and generally feeling like a stranger in a strange land. The blog is inevitably about how I keep my sanity in this insane life.