Thursday, September 30, 2010

New podcasts in September 2010 - Anne is a Man

Newly reviewed podcasts (14) this month:

Korea Society Podcast (review, site, feed)
Lectures recorded by the Korea Society containing a lot of Korean history content as well as contemporary Korean issues.

China History Podcast (review, site, feed)
Laszlo Montgomery's history of China.

Short history of Japan (review, site, feed)
Cameron Foster's history of Japan.

What is the stars (RTE) (review, site, feed)
Short monologues by astronomer Frances McCarthy pointing out a tidbit of astronomy and the history of astronomy.

Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altorientalistik - audio (review, site, feed)
Lectures at the Institute. Most of these are in German.

Philosophy 139x: Heidegger: Being and Time (Harvard) (review, site, feed)
Sean Kelly's teachings on Heidegger and his book Being and Time.

Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show (review, site, feed)
Dialogs about economics.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Medieval Art (review, site, feed)
Lectures at the Museum about or related to new exhibitions.

Making Love in the Kitchen (review, site, feed)
Health podcast concentrating on right food, right ingredients and right cooking.

Office Hours (review, site, feed)
Dialogs about theory and research in Sociology.

Neuropod (Nature) (review, site, feed)
Short podcasts about issues related to neurology.

Roundtable (WAMC) (review, site, feed)
Extracts from the radio program Roundtable. Interviews, dialogs and more.

The ripple that drowns (review, site, feed)
Lecture about famines in China and Bengal.

Religion in history (Open University) (review, site, feed)
Assorted dialogs about religion and diversity accompanying a much wider (paid) course at the Open University.