Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Here is a quick review of the science podcast NeuroPod. Neuropod is a neuroscience podcast from Nature, produced in association with the Dana Foundation. Each month it brings about half an hour of news and updates in the field. (feed) This varies from research updates, to theory, to the history of the field.

What brought me to the podcast was the announcement that the September issue would have a major item about William James, the American philosopher who is here acclaimed as to be the founder of psychology. This was indeed an interesting listen and it is recommended to take it in conjunction with the In Our Times issue about William James.

I have already noticed when following psychology podcasts such as Shrink Rap Radio that psychology is closely looking at neuroscience. It is interesting to see that in turn neuroscience, or at least the podcast, is also acknowledging its connection to psychology.

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