Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heidegger in podcast - news

About half a year ago I wrote a post about where to find material on Heidegger in podcast and this post turned out to be, if not the cause for controversy then at least to a lot of attention - it is still one of the best visited pages on the blog.

I struck up a short exchange with Nigel Warburton of Philosophy Bites who kicked off on Twitter by tweeting: Heidegger - too foggy, pretentious & obscure as topic for PB? Possibly. Anne is a Man thinks not. Although I have a hard time understanding Heidegger, I would not dare to call him foggy, pretentious and obscure. I figure, even if Warburton thinks so and has good reason and authority to that effect, it would suit to a podcast like Philosophy Bites to help us on the way.

Until then, we might give yet another try to Berkeley's Philosophy 6 the course in which Hubert Dreyfus once again will teach about "Man, God, and Society in Western Literature" which goes from the Odyssey to Moby Dick and which has Heidegger's view on being in mind (feed). When I listened to the first lecture in the course, I learned that it has turned into a book that is to be published soon: All Things Shining, by Hubert Drefuys and Sean Dorrance Kelly.

The other author, Sean Kelly, used to be Dreyfus's right hand in the course. He has moved on to become a professor at Harvard and there he offers his own course on Heidegger which can be had as a podcast (feed). Although Dreyfus has his good points, Kelly seems to be easier to follow and I enjoyed the first lesson in the series and for the first time when I tried to get some Heidegger I actually managed to learn something; how things can become transparent when we use them well.

Other podcast sources on Heidegger:
Entitled Opinions - conversation,
J Drabinsky - university course,
Dichter und Denker in Freiburg - lecture (in German).
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