Monday, September 6, 2010

History of Japan - Cameron Foster

In the past weeks I have found a number of podcasts addressing the history of a certain nation state. Consequently I gave them a short review and thus we have had, in short succession been reading about the histories of Korea, China and Pakistan. Today we follow up with Japan.

A Short History of Japan is an amateur podcast by Cameron Foster. If you click through to the website, you will see a message that this podcast has run out of bandwidth. That was the case in August and I have been waiting until the beginning of September to be able to begin downloading. Under these circumstance the bandwidth may run out again and so I would advise you to grab the issues before the connection is used up. (feed)

I have begun this series with the first episode Myths and Migrations which digs into the origins of Japanese history. Foster works with the legends around Japan's origins and its mythical first emperor and tries to make as much hard history facts from them as possible. This may sound rather tentative, but it turns into a very entertaining and informative chapter. It surely wets my taste for more.


Julie D. said...

This is another one I've been enjoying. I hope that he is able to get more bandwidth (?) as I was tantalized by his fourth episode but couldn't download it until Sept. 1. :-)

Foster Sensei said...

Hello and thanks for the kind kind comments. Its my first go at podcasting and I've had a lot of fun. I've sorted the bandwidth issue out so hopefully there won't be any more delays. be well, cameron.

The Man called Anne said...

I have turned into a regular listener, picking up every new chapter as it comes