Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All things Medieval - podcast review

Jim Mowatt of the Historyzine podcast drew my attention to another history podcast named ATM (or: All Things Medieval). As the title suggest; this is a podcast dedicated to the Middle Ages. The host, a Sir Justyn, narrows this down to the period of the eleventh to sixteenth century, what I would call the High Middle Ages, or the Late Middle Ages.

More than a history podcast, I'd characterize this show as a fan, or hobby podcast. This is justified by the name and the content of the show. Sir Justyn speaks of all things related to this period and things could be almost anything, whatever Middle Ages fans and hobbyists would like.

It is my impression, the podcast originated from the middle ages reenactment scene, more specifically in Australia, where Sir Justyn is from, but personally I know these scenes to exist all over the world and have found myself to be a guest in one of them in the Netherlands. Consequently, the areas of interest spill into all corners. Not just the narratives about the Middle Ages (including fiction in books and film), but also specifics like customs, costumes, food, language and on and on.

The result is a varied show with information, not just about history, but also about events, news, museums, expositions, storytelling and also interviews with a range of guests. A similar podcast would be Tudorcast, which is a theme podcast with all items around the Tudor period in English history.

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