Monday, May 10, 2010

Anne is a Man looks different as of today

Today it is three years ago I started the blog. It was and continues to be a happy ride. I have a lot of fun reporting about the podcasts I listen to and I feel privileged with the readership the blog gets. The feeling is that podcast reviews are followed by hundreds of people daily. There are around 250 subscribers, around 200 unique visitors (who read more than two posts on average), over 130 followers on Networked Blogs, over 170 followers on Twitter and in addition to that, my friends read my blog through Facebook, where I channel my posts through.

For the occasion I have changed the look and feel of the blog. Also, this change was long due. I had been using the old look for nearly two years. It was an entirely customized scheme, which had some initial advantages, but made the whole blog less and less adapted to Blogspot's feature over time. Now I have switched to the new standard templates that turn out to be extremely flexible and answer to my needs. They are, in fact, so easy to adapt, I may continue to play around and as a consequence you will find occasional changes.