Thursday, July 24, 2008

Win, lose or draw - BTHP review

The Binge Thinking History Podcast has reached the concluding episode about the Battle of Britain. After having recounted the history of the battle, host Tony Cocks takes on the compelling questions that come up with the battle. How pivotal was it after all? How much of a serious threat has it been and how much of an effect did it have on the rest of the Second World War?

BTHP shows a very intelligent quality in this episode. All of these questions are taken on and conclusions are drawn and well supported. This is a true history podcast and top notch at that.

So what about the battle? I would not want to give too much away of this podcast, I can only beg you to go and listen. I can disclose the bottom-line though. Even if the Battle of Britain was not too big of a battle and even if the Germans were not hell bent on actually defeating, let alone invade Britain, Cocks argues that the British victory had an important effect. Both tactically as well as symbolically, it kept the western front open and allowed an allied victory in Western Europe in the end. In addition, he makes a point how the importance stretched even beyond the Second World War.

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