Monday, March 3, 2008

Let Battle Commence! - Celtic Myth Podshow #2

The children of Danu engage in battle with the fearsome Bolg. One have mighty spears the other splendid fighting sticks. A hundred thousand perish. One can't say the Irish mythological cycle starts with a whimper - rather with a bang. The Celtic Myth Podshow brings it to us.

The great thing with the hosts of this podcast is that they are very receptive to feedback. I found it hard to keep track of all the names in the tales they tell and so they listed them. I suggested the names could do with some introduction or explanation and it seems they are seeing into this. Apart from being so user friendly, we see here yet another great quality of podcasting: they way it interacts with the audience and Gary and Ruth of the Celtic Myth Podshow understand this only too well.

My next item on the wish list is to get some framework around the myths. For all I know the Celts dwelt in Europe from before Roman times. I take it, at some point they even ransacked Rome, way before Julius Ceasar defeated Vercingetorix. And it makes me curious about the sources for the myths. There must have been an oral tradition, but then at some point, the legends must have been written down. Possibly this was done by Christian monks, implying there might be some censorship, or even alteration. Along there must be a history of recounting, retelling, discovery and rediscovery. Such fascinating added dimension to these tales. According to Gary's reply to my comments, he surely intends to have the Celtic Myth Podshow pay some attention to the reception of the Celtic Myths. Great going.

The Celtic Myth Podshow - first review

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On admirals and more - Historyzine

Two admirals and girding your loins feature on the latest Historyzine podcast, but there is more. I have noticed this trend in podcasting and we are certainly going to see more of it: the podcast episode consists of several rubrics, making it a listen like a regular radio show. In the case of Historyzine, there was also an interview.

Host Jim Mowatt knows his guest from the forums on Dan Carlin's site (from Hardcore History). Many people have been inspired by Dan Carlin and feedback I get on my blog, also shows Dan hits a chord. So did he with Mowatt and also the interviewee: Tony Cocks from Binge Thinking History Podcast. This is a fascinating interview possibly more so for those who are familiar with BTHP as it offers a wonderful additional insight together with the podcast alone.

After that Mowatt explains the expression "girding one's loins" with its biblical history, going back to Paul. Then he tells the story of Admirals Byng and Rooke - two unrelated stories. It just so happens two admirals feature on this show. Together with some whirling Beethoven music (is that podsafe?), this podcast episode is yet another great production by Mowatt.

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