Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This weekend on Anne is a Man!

While I am working on the new design, I have figured out how to add a search box to the blog. I felt this was much needed, even though the Blogger strip on top delivers the same functionality. The standard search, however, is easily overlooked, and so I have put it right over the posting area.

An update about the development of the new designs. The four candidates are getting into shape. No decision has been taken which one is going to be the future design. Your feedback is still very much appreciated.

Previously about the designs:
Anne is a Man! will be having a face lift

Friday till Sunday:
- The Missing Link Podcast (What is it with Popper?)
- Shrink Rap Radio (Long time no see)
- The Writing Show (Getting published with ... )
- Your History Podcast (An eccentric appearance)

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