Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Philip Zimbardo - podcast review

Shrink Rap Radio is such a great podcast, it is worthwhile going through the whole archive. Way before I took up podcast reviewing I already was a great big fan of Dr. David van Nuys psychology podcast. Then as now, David van Nuys has some true celebrities among his guests. Such was the case in April 2007, when he had Dr. Philip Zimbardo, of the Stanford Prison Experiment fame, who had just finished his book The Lucifer Effect. Van Nuys did a fantastic interview with Zimbardo that is worth listening to again. (transcript)

Around the same time Zimbardo offered a lecture on more or less the same subject which was podcast on UChannel, the formidable lecture podcast collection from Princeton University(and others). It is fascinating to compare Zimbardo's lecture with the interview with Dr. Van Nuys. There are many repetitions, but the interview is very complementary and has the added value of a personal touch in an intimate atmosphere, which is the trade mark of Dr. Dave and make him such an outstanding podcaster.

Last February, Dr. Zimbardo was invited to TED and gave a video talk on yet the same issue. Beware, the TED talk by Dr. Zimbardo is illustrated with very horrific pictures from Abu Ghraib. What is more, Zimbardo is rushing. He fills a near 25 minutes, but he needed to cover all that the old podcasts gave him a near hour for. The visuals help, the talk is impressive, but I think I prefer the old podcasts.

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